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Started as a studio project in early 2012 by Danish born singer & multi-instrumentalist Emil Bovbjerg and Grammy award winning engineer & producer Jeremy Loucas, Bowmont is a 5 piece eclectic electro-rock collective from Brooklyn, NY. While working and expanding on a collection of demos by Bovbjerg, the producer duo joined forces with Mon Khmer guitarist Elias Meister, Rubblebucket drummer Dave Cole and Eli Paperboy Reed sideman Jesse Barnes in forming the band. As a writer Bovbjerg comes experienced in widely differing disciplines like orchestral & wind ensemble writing, but here relies fundamentally on his own voice as main vehicle and delves into a much more personal rock, electro & pop influenced approach to songwriting. Audibly freed from restrictions and composed in broad strokes and vivid colors, the songs are carefully crafted simplicity, the production painstakingly rich in detail and lyrics like condensed manuscripts laced with film-like imagery. The bands first single Ruphmiup has sparked the attention of notable blogs and radio networks in Europe and the U.S. and their first two EPs Euphorian Age and Hovering are available through all major music streaming services and stores.




What People Are Saying:

"Listening to Bowmont's new album is the equivalent to taking a psychedelic/electronic romp through the undiscovered urban landscape of the future. Only two words perfectly describe the sound of Bowmont - - - sublime and divine...” - Malcolm Harris, Huffington Post


“Layering evocative lyrics into dreamily blended vocal harmonies over tight, driven beats and melodic grooves, Bowmont's music inspires introspection while simultaneously transporting the listener into another dimension. As visceral as LCD Soundsystem, as potent as Coldplay, as addictive as MGMT, but more effective than anything it can be compared to, Bowmont sets in gently and builds to an ethereal trance-like high that gets under your skin and into your blood, maybe permanently."

- Caitlin Crawford, Music Sales & Marketing Manager


"The easiness, lightheartedness and the playful beat of Bowmont’s “Ruphmiup” is absolutely fascinating. And with its special combination of Indie and Electronic it also reminds of Twin Shadow a little."
- Elisa Ortner, MTV Germany


"...the sounds of Bowmont are something I can get behind.. easily! You need to spin “Ruphmiup” ASAP, it’s got smooth vocals, driving melodies, and they play with a seemingly indecisive percussionist who adds some surprising rhymthic elements into the track. Oh, and the song builds and bends in a way that’s both progressive and punctual. 

First listen: Ok, that was pretty interesting and original.

Second listen: I’m really liking what’s going on here.

Third listen: Annnd, I’m back again. Jamz!

MOAR LISTENS: (In the voice of Breaking Bad’s Jesse) REPLAY VALUE, BITCHES!" - Nathaniel, I Guess I'm Floating


“What's so good? I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this song, and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter.  I do know that I just kept the SoundCloud window open while opening and closing many others, hitting the play button over and over. While I do know that Bowmont is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY and that their track “Ruphmiup” has stimulated my ears for the past few hours with a simple snare/high hat/kick drum beat mixed with electronic melodies, there is not much else I could find out about them.

Hopefully we hear more from this band in the future!”
- Aaron Blum, Indie Shuffle


Bowmont, Emil Bovbjerg
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