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N/um is a New York based minimal, house & techno influenced trio using stringed instruments, voices, analog synthesizers and drum machines in live composition. Each performance or recording is improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon. Despite the daring premise and unconventional creative approach the raison d’etre and mission statement of n/um is simple: The opposite of war is a dance floor.


“Recorded in one take during a single session the seven-tracker was improvised entirely, recorded as one lengthy live set with each track flowing into the next… Bashed out using a mixture of stringed instruments, vocals, analog synthesizers, and drum machines, [they] created a record that falls somewhere between minimal house and techno. N/um tick a lot of boxes between themselves: alongside a five-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer (who spent years DJing in the cities underground scene), is a guitarist and bass player with a decade of experience in improvised performance, as well as singer-songwriter with a background in orchestration and composition.” -XLR8R


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